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Jeff’s Corner 10-12-18

It’s been a slow news week, as they like to say, here in the Press Room at GCV. I was thumbing through my all-time favorite wine book looking for something to write about when I thought, hey, why not write about this book. In over 20 years, it’s never let me down.

Jeff’s Corner 9-28-18

Hooo Wheee, Granny, and Aye Caramba!

Next Thursday is going to be one of those dreaded days at work when we feel most abused. I’m going to be held at corkscrewpoint and forced to sit down with Brian, Jennifer, Jason, Patrick, and Miguel to taste the new releases of our exclusive Owner’s Club wines. This will be brutal.

“The Celebration of the Grape Harvest”

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November 3rd
November 10th
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