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Jeff’s Corner 1-4-19

Hey, Hey, Hey, today is Big Ego Day.

Once again, I’m proud to mention that I’ve been invited to judge the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition next week. This is my fourth consecutive year, and it’s an incredible honor to be included in this storied competition. I’ll be one of about 65 judges from around the country, and the only one from Texas.

The SFCWC is the World Series of American wine competitions. This year there are over 6,800 entries from the United States, Mexico, and Canada. If you’re interested, lots of cool info and photos regarding this awesome event can be found at

Jeff’s Corner 12-28-18

Last week, and on into this week, I’ve been struggling to find the right perspective to write about our religious/holiday season and the beginning of a new calendar year.

Jeff’s Corner 12-20-18

Ho Ho Ho and a big bottle of Sangria, especially since today is National Sangria Day. But wait, hold the weddin’. Don’t buy a bottle, let’s make it from scratch with our sweet GCV Grand Rouge. Here’s a recipe and fun story from a previous Jeff’s Corner to get us in the mood for lots of holiday cheer...

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