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Jeff’s Corner

Hopefully we’ll have some new releases to talk about soon, but in the meantime I have a couple more updates to share.

A few weeks ago we did our annual tasting of the new 2017 Heath Vineyards wines from our Paso Robles vines. I was “forced” to sit down with Brian, Jennifer, Jason and crew to taste and evaluate the new vintage.

Jeff's Corner

Hey Hey Hey

Today we are going to talk about a few things. First, I want to thank you for all the great feedback on last week’s story. I liked it a lot as well, and feel it is one of the better columns I’ve written. I have a pretty good feeling about these when they kind of write themselves.

I also want to thank all of you (too many to name) for your support and loyalty over the last nine plus years. Including the two years I wrote “Wine Words with Jeff” I estimate I’ve written about 500 posts. I feel like many of you have read more stories than I have written!

And now, BREAKING NEWS that falls into the “you asked for it, you got it” zone. Coming soon, we will be doing comprehensive tastings (available every day) of our Estate and Heath Vineyards wine.  

Since these wines are terroir driven, they will be called our “Owner’s Club Terroir Tastings”. The character of our Estate and Paso Robles wines are very much influenced by the distinctive soil and climate of our Hill Country AVA estate and the Willow Creek AVA in Paso Robles. The uniqueness of these great growing regions will be emphasized, by focusing on the history, soil and microclimates of these vineyards to illustrate how they impact the wine.

Stay tuned to our website and emails to know exactly when our Owner’s Club Terroir Tastings will begin. I’m very excited to have been chosen to be involved in this new addition to our tasting options at GCV.

Don’t touch that dial......

Jeff's Corner

Hola and Hello.

I’ve wanted to write this story for some time now, but somehow it always seemed to get pushed aside, but not today.

A while ago, I was doing a tasting for a young man and I guess my passion was taking over and he asked me, “Exactly what is it that you like about wine so much?” Well, I have to admit, I was taken aback and stumbled through a pretty sloppy answer. All I knew was that I have had a life-long love affair with wine.

Jeff’s Corner

It’s been a slow news day, as they sometimes say, so I thought I would file through the Jeff’s Corner Archives for a fun story to repost. This one has a hint of truth to it, and dates back to June 5, 2015. It goes like this:

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