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Hello, Hello, Hello,

Later today, I’m going to post a story about our fabulous staff event last Monday, but first I want to make a quick mention about how our wines fared at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition last week. Actually, we flat tore it up! All 25 wines we entered brought back a medal, and all but one was a silver or higher.

We sent 17 wines from our traditional GCV portfolio, with Rendezvous and Merlot leading the way with a Double Gold each. Cuvee Blanc, Petite Sirah, and Grand Rouge garnered Gold, and the other 12 brought us Silver.

From Heath Sparkling, the new 2017 Blanc de Blanc earned Gold, while the ’17 Euphoria, Adoration, and Ebullience brought back silvers. From Heath Vineyards, Liberation earned Gold, while the Syrah reeled in a very impressive Double Gold.

So, hats off and a huge congrats to Jason and his entire winemaking crew. All of us at Grape Creek could not be more proud!!! 

Jeff’s Corner

Greetings from beautiful northern Sonoma County. This morning I finished judging the very prestigious San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for the fifth consecutive year. The SFCWC is the first (and largest) American wine competition of the year. This year we had over 6700 entries from more than 1500 wineries representing at least 13 states. I was fortunate to be one of 65 judges from around the country.

The past four days I have judged close to 400 wines, and in the next couple weeks I’ll share lots of cool insights into the event, including how our beloved GCV wines fared. Right now, however, I’m pretty damn tired, but before I drag my purple teeth to bed I want to share my coolest experience to date.

In my last flight of three days of medal rounds (the fourth day is the Sweepstakes round), my panel judged a flight of 69 Cabernet Sauvignons priced $90.00 and up. I’ve mentioned before that judging the SFCWC is like playing in the World Series. Being assigned this flight, however, is like being given the ball to pitch game 7. Great googley moogley, this is the most coveted flight in the event, and beyond a doubt the most difficult challenge in my 40 year wine career.

More about this later as well, but right now I really need to get horizontal.


Jeff’s Corner

Hey, Hey, Hey, and Happy, Happy New Year

Well, our cat Rio Frio had a memorable first Christmas, and managed to make her way into the dog house big time. She gave Kath THREE really cool gifts, and I got nothing! No cat nip for her for a long time coming.

Anyway, we took some time out (as promised last episode), and enjoyed some quality porch therapy with some older (meaning not current) vintages of GCV wine. I didn’t make “formal” notes, but here are some thoughts the little Elf and I shared regarding some lovely wines.

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